Safety Knives

Safe Cutting, with the safety knives of

Concealed blade, fully automatic blade retraction or automatic blade retraction – you decide which MARTOR safety technology fits best to your requirements for cutting safety in the workplace.

Secumax = Concealed Blade

The blade is not open but concealed, and therefore the cutting edge is shielded from you and the packaged goods. Giving you a maximum degree of safety from cut injuries whilst cleverly protecting your goods.


Secupro = Fully automatic blade retraction

The intelligent cutting tool: as soon as the blade leaves the material being cut, it withdraws automatically into the handle. Even when you keep on pressing the slider or the handle. That‘s what we call “a very high degree of safety“.


Safety Knives

Active accident prevention

A significant reduction of cut related injuries – who wouldn’t like it? Companies from various sectors managed this challenge by consistently using safety knives of MARTOR for safer cutting in the workplace.

For example: We were able to help a major international furniture chain to reduce the number of cut related injuries by about 70% in just two years.

You protect your staff with MARTOR – and your expenditure budget. Because every lost work day you avoid saves you up to 500 euros.

Martor metal detectable knives.

Our special offer for sensitive industries. A high risk, especially for companies within the food and pharmaceutical industry: Contaminants entering the production process can lead to serious damage to machines, product recalls and, at worst, injuries to customers. The result: high costs and a potential loss of image that should not be underestimated.

For this reason, we have developed cutting tools made of metal detectable plastic (MDP knives). Ideal for all staff working in highly sensitive areas, especially when manual cutting in or nearby the production area.

Because our MDP knives and even small parts thereof can be traced by your metal detectors, and special X-ray machines which meanwhile many companies use additionally. Therefore, there is hardly any risk that contaminated products will leave your production site causing serious cost implications. Learn more here